Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Please help

Please help me and my children.
Click on this link to  read our story.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Push the buttons in the elevator for a fellow rider. Help an
elderly person up the steps of a building, a subway exit,
or onto a bus. Pick up an item that someone drops. Put
your pocket change into a charity box. Invite a fellow
shopper to move ahead of you in the check out line. Shovel
the snow off your neighbor's walk. Offer to let someone
share your umbrella. Random acts of kindness require
very little effort but pay great dividends in the good karma
and personal happiness they generate.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Automate Savings

One nice thing about saving money is that you
end up with more in your checking account over
time, the savings slowly build up. For many
people, the problem with that is that the extra
money is a temptation to spend on unnecessary
stuff. The solution is easy just save automatically.
Have your bank set up an automatic transfer of
a small amount each week from you checking to
your savings, say $25 for starters. As you get more
adept at saving money, increase that transfer
amount, and keep saving. That money can help
out in emergencies, help with a big payment, or
provide the starting material you need to begin investing.


Create an area in your home that can serve as a
sanctuary for yoga, prayer, writing, drawing, or
whatever. Make it your sacred private space. Add
a screen, a plant, a curtain, or something that
defines and separates that space from the rest of
the house. Add a small table to hold your spiritual
texts, sacred objects, candles, incense. A window
or a door with a view of a lake or garden is an added
bonus. Otherwise hang a piece of silk, or artwork.
Regularly retreat to your santuary to reconnect
with your own inner joy and peace.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Relationship Issues

When you feel so emotional that you can't
think straight, it may be time to seek help.
Explain to your partner that you believe the
two of you could work through the tough
issues if you could talk about them without
pushing each other's buttons. One way to not
do that would be to find an impartial third
party, perhaps a relationship expert or a
marriage/family counselor that could guide
you through emotional minefields. Relationship
experts can reveal ways to shift the relation-
ship level so you don't stay in a stuck place.
Working through the issues can strengthen a
relationship and make the individuals feel
more hopeful, optimistic, and happier.